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Our Story

It all started with the vision to link everyone in the health, fitness and wellness industry on a single online site. A site that could provide all the information you may need, a unique community that would connect all the professionals in the industry together and help people achieve more, do more and be the best version of themselves.

Founded in February 2019 and based in Cyprus, our mission is to provide you with the link to your wellness destination. We value people’s time and we know how frustrating it can be searching for information on the web when you need to go through multiple search engines to find what you are looking for. So we thought we could make things easier and faster by creating a platform that can solve all that.

Linkforwellness.com helps thousands of people every day discover and connect with fitness and health professionals around the world. We stand for health, we stand for fitness and we stand for wellness. Our goal is to you make you be the best version of yourself by providing you the Link For Wellness.

Link For Wellness