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The Centre is a boutique studio based in the centre of Nicosia Cyprus. Yoga classes and Shiatsu treatments are offered daily by Emma Michael and other teachers.
Yoga Classes:
Vinyasa Yoga | with Emma Michael

Vinyasa Yoga is a class which sequenced to flow from one asana to another whilst maintaining a focus on breathing. The classes are rooted in Hatha yoga and are deeply connected to conscious movement through strong dynamic sequences, as well as static poses, breathing and intention.

This class runs every Monday & Wednesday at 18:30.

Hatha Yoga | with Emma Michael
You will be introduced to the alignment principles of the key positions, breathing techniques and key yoga concepts. Some time will be spent in asanas ensuring you feel grounded and confident in your practice and that you leave the class feeling relaxed and energised.

This class runs every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:00 & Friday evening at 18:00.
Core Yoga Style | with Veronique Ruggirello
This is a dynamic style of yoga developed by Parisian physiotherapists. The class follows a series of movements that flow from one position (asana) to another linked by breath with a particular focus on abdominal strength. The room is heated to 30oC to encourage detox and minimise any risk of injury.
This class runs every Tuesday at 17:00.
Pregnancy Yoga | with Emma Michael
Birthlight is an Internationally acclaimed pregnancy & well woman organisation that strives to enable women to give birth with minimal intervention, when possible. Physical and emotional health of mother and baby throughout pregnancy is prioritised, so that labour & birth is approached with confidence and knowledge.
This class runs as part of an 8 week Tuesday evening course at 18:30.
Yin Yoga Style | with Veronique Ruggirello
Yin Yoga Style, is a gentle style of yoga. It is a very grounding practice within which poses are held for 3 to 6 minutes. Yin Yoga can improve the viscoelasticity of the deep fascia (dense fibrous connective tissues), which surround individual muscle and is excellent as an antidote to stress.
This class runs every Thursday at 17:00.
Mum & Baby Yoga | with Emma Michael
These classes are an opportunity for you to regain your core-strength, your figure and overall fitness after birth by restoring tone to the deep muscles of the pelvis and lower back. Babies (pre-crawling) are welcome and interactive mother and baby yoga moves will be incorporated to promote active bonding.
This class runs every Tuesday at 11:00.
Treatments & Privates:
Shiatsu | with Emma Michael
Shiatsu is a physical therapy in which pressure points are pressed and gentle stretches are applied to the body in order to relieve pain and tension. Shiatsu is a holistic therapy in the truest sense. It uses a medical system that cares for a person’s body, mind and spirit as a whole which can not be divided.
Shiatsu for Pregnancy | with Emma Michael
Shiatsu is can be very supportive during the rapid changes brought about by pregnancy. The treatments support the changes that each trimester brings and are a source of great ease and relaxation during your pregnancy. An opportunity for the mother to be mothered.
Shiatsu supports both the mother and the baby throughout the trimesters of pregnancy, addressing specific complaints as well as general wellbeing and provides an opportunity for you to get in touch with the positive natural changes that occur during your pregnancy.
In the East it is traditionally thought that at least one third of your social, physical and mental functioning is already determined by your experiences in the womb. Pregnancy is regarded as a spiritual practice.

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